Pdf downloads for Do-it-yourself instructions

Everybody can knit!

All my instructions are very carefully explained step by step. You can find many photos to help you understand the steps, in addition to the text. There are no abbreviations ! Every phrase is written out to make everything easy to follow.

Even if you just started to knit and purl, you will be surprised  how easy it is to make something of your own and very special.

There  will be more and more instructions added to the site. Sewing instructions will follow soon as well. Please subscribe to my newsletter to get updates on new instructions.

If you have a question about an instructions, please post it to the questions page. So others can find some help as well.

Enjoy !
Anne-Catherine Luke

  Knit Jewelry

knitted jewelry in silver

I am proud to show you my newest project.

To read and see more go can go here or directly to my Etsy shop

Knit Jewelry by Anne-Catherine Lüke