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Here you can find answers on questions I was asked about the instructions:

11 Replies to “Help”

  1. L. Schnellmann says:

    Is it possible to use a different yarn size for the bat?

  2. Thank you for your question! Yes you can. I wouldn’t go and get a bulky yarn…but with yarn no more then for a needle size US 8/European size 5. Don’t go too thin, so the bat isn’t turning out too small at the end. Except you like to put him on a key chain, although that might be very cute! Yarn used to knit socks might still work. But again, the bat will be smaller. If you use the same yardage as mentioned in the instruction the bat will be approximately 12″/30cm.
    This is also regarding the instruction for the sheep or the cat (who is available very very soon as well!)

  3. Sarah Love says:

    On the Pouf pattern, your instructions say to use 5 strands of yarn. Was that worsted or DK weight? Did the 1300g account for all 5 strands or for just 1 strand? If you used bulky yarn, would you still need to combine multiple strands or would it work with one strand of yarn?

  4. Dear Sarah,
    Yes, you use 5 strands/ threads on the same time to knit them combined together. If you look at the first small picture in the instructions you can see, how I am holding all 5 threads together as “one thread”. The 1300 g is the total weight of the material you need to knit the entire Pouf (with the yarn described in the pattern).
    The weight of the yarn I used is more a bulky yarn. If you knit is as a single thread you would use a knitting needle number 7 (European size).
    I would take your yarn and knit a swatch. Using multiple strands of yarn and a needle size 15 (European size). The swatch should be very heavy knit and the stitches close together.
    In fact you can use any kind of yarns of your choice! Knit a swatch and maybe add more strands to it. Once, I used DK cotton yarn and used 10 strands combined together. Using a size 15 knitting needle as well. (The total weight used for the entire Pouf might change then).

    I hope I could give you the answer you needed. Enjoy knitting!

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  6. Are there patterns for the knit animals knitting on your home page? I would like to make some for my knitting friends as small gifts.
    Thank you for any help u may be able to give me.

  7. Hello Jan,
    yes you can order the bat, sheep and the cat from directly from this web side. And you will receive the ordered instruction as a PDF. More infos you find on the homepage of Best Anne-Catherine

  8. Hi! I’m curious – what yarn did you use for the triangle shawl?

  9. You can use any yarn you like! Everything starting from a US needle size 6-11. You just continue knitting until your shawl has the desired size.
    I always use natural material. You can use Cotton or a Cotton/Silk or Linen blend for summer shawls. Knit them a bit loose. Or warm material like Merino, Alpaca, Kashmir. The grey shawl on the picture is a Silk/Merino blend and the red shawl is Linen/Cotton.

  10. I am at the stage in the bat project, where the instructions say “sew both wings together, see picture four” but it is not at all clear which sides of the wings are supposed to be sewn!

  11. Dear Carol.
    I send you a link to a picture. This will help you.
    Enjoy knitting
    Sewing wings

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